Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bearded Tits

I went down to Pagham Harbour today where Bearded Tits had been reported on the Long Pool. I had seen Bearded Tits before but without managing to get a picture and was keen to plug the gap in my collection.

Arriving at the Visitors centre I found a few finches and the more common tits around the feeders but there was also a nice Kestrel close by. This seems to be coming a regular for my fist bird of the day. Just a pity that they always seem to have their back to the sun.

Kestrel - Perhaps thinking he can have a chunk of me for lunch

 A couple of quick snaps and I headed off to find the Bearded Tits. Alongside Waxwings they are one of the most photogenic birds in the UK but they are also difficult to find. Fortunately another birder pointed me in the right direction.

I manage a few good record shots but the show stopper will have to wait for another day.

I would like to be able to claim some special skill in obtaining these pictures, however, the truth is that with the light levels changing rapidly and the reeds blowing all over the place I just fired off about a hundred and twenty shots in the ten minutes they were visible and then picked out the four or five that were not blurred.

A bit soft but probably my favorite shot
It was particularly difficult to get a picture of the female which appeared to have much more rapid movement and feeding habits.

Female Bearded Tit
The Collins guide refers to them as Bearded Reedlings as opposed to tits and states that are most closely related to the larks.

Whatever you want to call them they are a nice bird to find and photograph.

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