Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Redpolls and Siskin

Much against expectations the sun was trying to break through early on and it seemed worth venturing out. I decided to head inland to Warnham LNR in the hope of getting pictures of the Redpolls and Siskin. Big mistake, by the time I got there the light had gone so it was back to the increasingly familiar IS0800 and 1/50 sec exposures.

I should have stayed on the coast which managed to keep some sun for most of the day.

Warnham is one of the better sites for bird photography giving close views of feeders and perches particularly from the Woodpecker hide. Both Redpolls and Siskin were present as well as the usual birds but it was difficult to get a good shot given the low light levels.

Lesser Redpoll



 Artistic shot of a Siskin. I don't like feeders in my pictures but I haven't got around to replacing the metal perch with a branch yet.

Reed Bunting

There were also a few ducks sharing the Mill Pond with the Canada Geese and Black-headed gulls.

Tufted Duck

A good site for those cold bright winter days and a decent cafe in the visitors centre. Just a pity that the site does not open until 10am. You miss the best part of the day.


  1. Martin, Lizzie pointed me in the direction of your blog! Throughly enjoying reading your blogs and its inspired me to start up my own. So although the quality of photos won't be anything like the same, watch this space!!


    1. Great news Pete - I look forward to reading it. Good pictures are about being in the right place at the right time and that comes from knowledge of the birds and good field craft. Being involved with ringing should give you some great opportunities for taking the pictures and just passing on a bit of your knowledge about the birds will ensure people want to read it. Friends of Groyne 4 is on my sites to visit as it is the one that inspired me to make a start. Just look at the Firecrest he posted on there yesterday. I was really gutted that I had not taken it - but I will improve.