Thursday, 14 February 2013

Even More Barn Owls

A bit of a mixed bag today. I went out first thing looking for a Snowbunting reported on Goring Beach. The tide was out leaving a big area to search and I ended up leaving without seeing it. It was relocated later in the day so I am hoping it will still be there at the weekend but it is an area popular with dog walkers so it may well move on.

I did a few jobs in the house and then went to look at some Waxwings that had been feeding on berry bushes in Salvington Road Worthing. They were still around with more than twenty of them sitting on Ariels and feeding in the bushes. However, the location on a relatively busy town road was not really appealing and I left without taking any pictures.

 Feeling a bit disappointed I decided to go back to Waltham Brooks to have another go at the Barn Owls. Only two flying tonight that I could see but I did get a few good shots.

My third visit to the brooks to photograph the Barn Owls and I can see an improvement in technique and in results across the three sessions. Clearly a case of practice makes perfect although perhaps I need a few more attempts before I claim perfection.

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