Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Last week it looked as though the spring migration was really under way. Bonelli's, Reed, Sedge, and Grasshopper Warblers, Corncrake and Nightingale and all showing well. This week it's all quiet again. The weather has been good for photography but the cool northerly wind has deterred movement of the birds and those that are here seem too be staying undercover.

The exception is the Whitethroats that appear to be around in large numbers. So the following is a summary of my birding for the last few days over a variety of sites.

Whitethroat - Pagham Harbour
Whitethroat - Waltham Brooks

Whitethroat -Arlington Reservoir

Whitethroat - Pagham Harbour

They are a nice bird, both to hear and to photograph, but I was even happier to get a photograph of the more elusive Lesser Whitethroat.

Lesser Whitethroat - Pagham Harbour

Lesser Whitethroat - Pagham Harbour

Not much else to report really. My first linnet of the year........

Linnet - Pagham Harbour

and a Blue Tit with a punk hair style.

Blue Tit - Pagham Harbour

Arlington Reservoir proved particularly disappointing. Common Sandpiper and Yellow Wagtails had been reported there but I could not find either. The only consolation was that I could look in on Seaford Head where I would be guaranteed Kittiwakes.




 Nesting on a cliff gives good protection from preditors but it is difficult to see how the eggs and chicks can avoid being knocked over the edge.

High rise communal living

or a more exclusive penthouse

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