Friday, 7 June 2013

Little Tern

Being determined to catch up with a Little Tern I had another trip over to Rye Harbour. This time I was more successful, although I didn't quite get the crystal clear image I had envisaged of the male Little Tern passing a fish to the female. At about 100 metres distance and barely visible through the binoculars this falls more into the Kitsonian school of photography than the style I had been looking for. Still I follow the mantra of

 - see the bird
 - get a record shot
 - get a quality picture

To you this may look a rubbish picture but at the moment it takes pride of place in my collection and gives me a life tick. Just a pity that it doesn't look quite as good as the shots of the decoys that I had in a previous blog, but it will do until I can get a better picture.

best kept as a small image!

(Apologies to those that don't get the Kitsonian reference and no disrespect is intended to a birder who has more knowledge than than I will ever get in my lifetime).

Rye Harbour held the expected Common and Sandwich Terns along with Black Headed and Mediterranean Gulls. There were also Dunlin, Godwits, Wheatear, and lots of Avocets although I missed the two Knot that were reported later that day.


I had then planned to return via Pett Levels but after being told of a Redstart showing well at Dungeness Power Station I headed off there instead. Bad mistake, I could not find the Redstart and others that went to Pett Levels did get to see a Turtle Dove which was the next target bird on my list. However, there was consolation in a Marsh Harrier over the ARC pit.

Marsh Harrier

Would have been a great picture if the bird had a head!

Out again around Arlington Reservoir the next day, with Dave who seems to be getting fed up with being at home ill. Either that or he is not happy that my year list is now longer than his. We were looking for the Turtle Dove and we did have a possible sighting but we could not relocate the birds so this will have to wait for another day.

We spent most of the day with Dave happily photographing his Orchids and insects and with me thinking that I need to invest in a decent Macro lens. I think I will keep the Dragonfly and Butterfly shots for a separate blog but I was pleased with one in flight shot and it gives me hope of capturing some of the more difficult Dragonflies that never seem to settle.

Beautiful Demoiselle in flight

Nothing very exciting on the birding front but nice views of a Collared Dove and the much under rated Dunnock.

Collared Dove


One of the highlights of the day came whilst we were having a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea. We had been watching a Mistle Thrush gathering food and taking it to a nearby nest. All was going well until a Jay strayed a bit to close. A couple of very aggressive parents soon saw it off. It was all too fast for me to get a picture but here is a more peaceful shot of one of the birds.

Mistle Thrush gathering food

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