Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Autumn Cuckoo

Ring Ouzels were seen on Blackdown today but unfortunately they were not seen by Dave or me. We had spent the morning searching the area where they had been seen but without any luck. We did, however, get onto a mystery raptor which we watched from a distance. Initially it looked like a female Sparrowhawk but it was moving about the trees as if catching flying insects. Hobby and Merlin came to mind but when we eventually got close enough to get decent views it turned out to be a Cuckoo.

Juvenile Cuckoo

Great bird but not what we were expecting. We also saw Stonechats, Kestrels, and had distant views of something that could have been a Ring Ouzel but which disappeared into the bushes before we could confirm the sighting.

After lunch we headed off to Church Norton. Sometimes it's great there but today we had  one of those completely dead afternoons where nothing is moving. The Ferry Pool was similar and the North Wall not much better although we did find a Ruff and the usual Godwits, Snipe, Teal, etc.

Teal - no shortage of food here

I don't like Herons as a bird but they always look class and they do take a good picture.

Grey Heron - Top Predator

A bit of a disappointing day as far as birds go but it was good to be out and about. There was also a final Kestrel, perched up in the tree, as we left the North Wall. A good way to finish off the day.


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