Friday, 22 November 2013

Arundel WWT Kingfisher

I have made a couple of visits to the Arundel WWT hoping to photograph Firecrests and Bullfinches. Monday was wet, windy and dull and I came away without a single picture. Today looked a lot better so I thought I would give it another go.

The weather cooperated but the birds didn't. I got two or three glimpses of distant Bullfinches and a blurred shot of a Grey Wagtail and I really didn't see much else in the way of wild birds.

Feeling sorry for myself I headed back to the visitors centre with the intention of heading home. When I arrived there the Kingfisher was sitting on one of its favourite perches just outside the picture windows. Favourite with the Kingfisher that is, but not with me as the only way you can photograph it is through the glass and I would not normally bother. In fact Dave and I had sat there the day before drinking tea and watching the bird on the same perch.

Today desperation was creeping in. I didn't want to go home empty handed again. The window looked reasonably clean so I thought I would give it a go.


The pictures are not perfect and they would not stand enlarging much above what you see here but it was nice to be able to get some shots of a Kingfisher stretching its wings and preening.


Its not much to show for two birding trips but its better than nothing. Lets hope that's the bad days out of the way and things will pick up again now.

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  1. I'd be pleased with those.
    I have yet to get a decent Kingfisher shot!