Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dartford Warblers

The weather forecast showed the coastal fringe being overcast today so we headed inland for a look at the brooks and commons. We didn't actually see a great deal.  A few flocks of Chaffinches and Goldfinches, a Bullfinch at Pulborough Brooks, a few Stonechats, a Yellowhammer, a Treecreeper, and a couple of Dartford Warblers. We looked in at Waltham Brooks but appear to have missed the Great Grey Shrike which was reported just after we left.

Picture wise it was a bit disappointing. I keep seeing Dartfords but they are usually distant or staying in cover. The next few weeks are probably my best hope for getting a good shot as they are more likely to be out in the open singing and marking out there territories.

Dartford Warbler pair


The Bullfinch was good to see but again it was staying in cover and giving very few clear views.


A good days birding but I feel as though I missed a few picture opportunities along the way. Lets hope I get another chance.

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