Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dark Green Fritillary

Whilst out walking over Seaford Head with friends on Sunday we came across two or three Dark Green Fritillaries. Lunch and a couple of pints were waiting at the now renovated and renamed Golden Galleon so I did not have much time for pictures. However, this was my first sighting of the Dark Greens this year so I was not going to let it pass without recording the sighting.

Female Dark Green Fritillary

The male was a bit more mobile and harder to photograph.

Male Dark Green Fritillary

Good, but the job is only half done. I need to get a closed wing shot or at least some record of the under wing.

The birding is getting a bit sidelined at the moment. I will get back to it but the window for seeing some of these butterflies is very narrow and I need to get those in the bag first. Purple Emperor and Hairstreaks next - I hope.

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