Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hawfinch Ringing Data

Jerry - Hawfinch ring Data from the 2nd May.  I think the labels are correct but you will need to check them. I will run through the pictures again to see if I can identify any more.

For anyone else viewing this page, you are better off skipping this and looking at the 4th May blog on Hawfinches

White 93  -   Ringed 16/06/15

White SS  -  Ringed 01/04/12

Orange ZN  -  Ringed 23/04/15

Orange TN   -   Ringed 23/05/14

Orange LL   -   Ringed 20/04/16

Orange S3   -   Ringed 19/05/14

Orange TL  Close up below   -   Ringed 23/05/14

Close up of Orange TL

Orange 4J   -   Ringed 23/05/14

Metal Ring - close up below

Orange LZ   -   Ringed 27/04/16

Orange BS   Ringed 03/04/14

Orange TL  -  Ringed 23/05/14

Orange TN   -   Ringed 23/05/14

White ring no detail visible and metal ring with details

Metal Ring - details below

Orange 46   -   Ringed 03/06/15

White 4C   -   Ringed 07/05/15

Orange TT   -   26/05/15

Orange TL   -   Ringed 23/05/14

Yellow E59 - Metal ring details below
Ringed Dolgellau North Wales - Only the second movement between these two populations.

White CL  -  see detail in two pictures below   -   Ringed 20/04/12

Metal Ring - some detail in next two pictures

Coal Tit - Ring details below

Marsh Tit - Ring details below

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