Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Heath Fritillary

I was in the Canterbury area on Monday so took the opportunity to look for a couple rarities that hold territory in Kent. The first was the Heath Fritillary which can be found in Blean Wood.

Two years ago we visited on the 17th June and must have got the timing just right. We saw hundreds of them and most in good condition. This year I was two and a half weeks later. I thought, that with the seasons generally running a bit later this year, I would be alright, but it wasn't to be. I only had about a dozen sightings and most of those were in poor condition.

Fortunately I did find a couple of decent specimens.

Ringlets obviously come out a couple of weeks later than the Heath Frits as the wood was full of them and this time all in good condition.

A few Large Skippers

And a nice grass moth probably Chrysoteuchia culmella

My other target was the Willow Emerald Damselfly and I had no luck at all with that. Probably two weeks too early for that one.

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