Friday, 11 November 2016

Black Redstart

South Africa has spoilt me. It hardly seems worth going birding unless I am going to get ten life ticks a day and get good pictures of them all. There also seems to have been a dearth of good birds around Sussex of late. Elsewhere in the country there are reports of Alpine Accentors, a Pelican, and along the east coast a raft of rarities but nothing in my area. It all seems very flat.

To be fair, things do seem to be picking up, Long-tailed Ducks, Grebes, and Goosanders are starting to appear along the coast, and although I have yet to see any of them, the enthusiasm is begining to return.

A couple of trips out this last week gave me a lot of birds but nothing really unusual. There were two Black Redstarts on Pagham Church roof .....

Black Redstart

and a walk around Pagham Lagoon gave me a Golden Eye and a couple of  Pintails. The later I am told are unusual for the Lagoon.



An hour or so on the North Wall finally gave me decent views of the Bearded Tits that had been reported there but I could not get any pictures of them. That also meant that by the time I got round to Church Norton the tide was way out and the light was starting to go. I skipped the walk down to the beach and settles for this Whimbrel in the harbour.


The good news is that the Waxwings seem to be moving southwards.

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