Friday, 2 November 2018

Red Kites

Out for a walk along the downs today. Nearly left the camera at home but there is always that nagging thought that today would be the day you find that UK Mega. As it happens today wasn't the day but I am still glad I carried it.

We started off at the Chantry Hill car park and headed off towards the dewpond and scrub area. Always good for a few Linnets, Yellowhammers and Corn Buntings. Not today though, complete devastation, the gardeners had been at work again. I know that scrub needs cutting back and controlling but every single bit had been chopped down to ground level. No cover, no berries, no seed heads and very unlikely to have recovered by next spring, Why?

Area of scrub looking towards the dew pond and Chantry Hill Car Park

There was only one bird to be seen, a very forlorn looking Kestrel surveying her hunting area. She didn't even bother to fly away and I was able to approach to within about twenty feet - very unusual for a Kestrel.


There is usually some form of flying display on the north slopes of the downs. Mostly it is the Buzzards and Ravens but today they were nowhere to be seen. Instead we had Red Kites, eight in total giving an effortless display of their flying abilities.


Lots of other small birds about but no time to stop and take lots of pictures. Just managed to catch this juvenile Long-tailed Tit on the back of a small flock passing by.

Great weather for walking and for photography but not enough hours in the day to do both!