Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Black-throated Diver

Today a quick trip out to Eastbourne to see the Black-throated Diver on the lake in Princes Park. I had spent a couple of weeks staring out to sea in an effort to turn distant black dots into recognisable Divers and Grebes, all with very little success. Then I turn up at the park and there is a Diver happily swimming around no more than twenty metres from me.

Black-throated Diver

Other than the bird floating on the surface there was not much to take a picture of. It did not bring any catch to the surface, there was no preening and no wing stretching. Even the dive was very low key.

Low winter sun

Fortunately the light was continually changing and it gave a lot of different effects. All these pictures were taken in the morning between eleven and twelve.

If left alone the bird would move around the pond often giving close views to the people watching but it did move off towards the centre of the lake when pursued for closer views or when dogs went past.

Heading back to the centre of the pool

The park is quite busy with lots of people, children and dogs moving around. It seems a strange place to find a Diver but then last year it had a Bonaparte's Gull. Obviously a place to be watched in the future

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