Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Pagham Kingfisher

We had a trip down to Pagham Harbour today in the hope of finding a new fall of migrants and perhaps to relocate the Cattle Egret. There were a lot of the usual birds about Curlew, Redshanks, Snipe, Godwits, Lapwings etc., but with the tide out most birds were well out on the mud. We could not find anything unusual although I did manage to pick up a Yellow-legged Gull, my first of the year.

I searched most of the fields to the south of Marsh Farm but there was no sign of the Cattle Egret. The main interest here was the large mixed flocks of Corvids, with Rooks, Crows and Jackdaws gathered in the trees and with the huge volume of noise they were making.

Picture opportunities were provided by the local Kingfisher. He gave some great views of his fishing techniques and on how to dispatch the fish he caught but unfortunately he was in deep shadow at the time. Here are a few shots of him out on a couple of his fishing posts.


Other entertainment was provided by a couple of drake Mallards. It was probably just an opportunity to show off there new plumage to the ladies but the dispute lasted a long time and looked quiet fierce. Perhaps they are already anticipating the spring.

Chill out boys it's a large pool

A quick trip to the Burgh in the afternoon gave distant views of Red Kites and Buzzards but no close flybys. A good days birding but it seems a long time since I have taken a really good picture.

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  1. Well done, beautiful photos! I really like it. Birds are excellent objects for observation and photography :)