Thursday, 7 January 2016


This post could have been called Redpoll but by the time they showed up the light had gone and it was threatening rain. I only managed one picture of the Redpoll and that was on a feeder so not very satisfactory.

We were at Warnham LNR which provides one of the best locations in Sussex for photographing small birds. The feeders at the Kingfisher hide attract the birds in and if you are lucky you can get natural looking shots as they perch up before landing on the feeders. This time of year they usually get Siskins and Lesser Redpolls and if you are really lucky the occasional Mealy Redpoll.



Female Siskin


The bonus is an occasional Jay. You often see them flying in the distance but you rarely get close enough for a picture.



  1. Hi, How common are Siskins in Sussex? I have recently moved to St Leonards on Sea from mid Wales where they are common. Just think there was a female one in the garden this morning, although perhaps I am morphing a young female Chaffinch!!!!Then again, I may well be missing my isolated 7acre 'estate' ha ha! Just found your blog and have joined, hope old ladies are allowed.

  2. Hi, Welcome to Sussex. Siskin do breed in small numbers in Sussex in the conifer plantations and heathland in the north of the county. However, they are mostly a winter bird driven down from the north by the cold or shortage of food. There can be large flocks but again these are mostly in the conifer forests. Birds in St Leonards or other costal gardens are probably migrating from the continent. Redpolls follow a similar distribution but are a little less common.

    1. Thanks for the info. We had Redpoll in Wales too. Species count for our place there was over 50, here it is only up to 22 so far. I feel sorry for my lonely Siskin visitor - have not seen it since so may well be on its way to Wales -ha ha!! We also used to see a ringed Blackbird (ringed in Holland) over a couple of years. Migration is SO interesting.