Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Flies and Hoverflies

As with the previous blog just a few shots taken during last year that I finally got round to identifying. Or perhaps it would be safer to say had a go at identifying. I spent a good few hours on putting names to the pictures but I am sure that I won't have got everything right. So, any corrections will be gratefully received and whatever you do, don't use my blog as an authoritative source for naming your finds.

First the Flies

Coenosia tigrina

Photographing copulating flies in the middle of the Wisley flower show. Far more interesting than looking at the flowers.

Still working on this one - life is too short - probably from the Muscidae family

Parasitic Fly  - Gymnosoma sp  possibly nudifrons

The parasitic fly looks like Gymnosoma nudifrons but reading up on the species it looks as though you need a detailed examination of the genitalia to be sure.

Looks like a Yellow Dung Fly - Scathophaga stercoraria

Brown Heath Robberfly - Machimus (Tolmerus) atricapillus

Fly - Tachina magnicornis

Now the Hoverflies

Drone Fly - Eristalis tenax

This is a female Drone Fly Eristalis tenax, the eyes would be touching if it were a male. I think the picture below also shows a female Drone Fly. Research suggests that the species can have quite variable markings on its body and that some specimens can be almost totally black. I did not see any males that day but they are a lighter colour and have more yellow on them. This suggests that the males could be mimicking wasps and similar, whilst the females are mimicking mining bees.

Probably the correct identification but there are very similar species in E. nemorum and E. abusivus.

Drone Fly - Eristalis tenax?

Hoverfly - Helophilus pendulus

I have seen a number of common names for Helophilus pendulus, Marsh Hoverfly, Sun Fly, Tiger Hoverfly and even The Footballer. This one getting in the way of my attempts to photograph the White-letter Hairstreak.

Hoverfly - Syrphus ribesii (or S.vitripennis)

Hornet Mimic Hoverfly - Volucella zonaria

Hoverfly possibly the Pellucid Fly - Volucella pellucens

I wish I had taken a few more pictures of this hoverfly. The ring around the middle looks to be an ivory colour which would make it Volucella pellucens, common names the Pellucid Fly or Large Pied Hoverfly. Just worried it might be a trick of the light.

Marmalade Hoverfly - Episyrphus balteatus

and to finish, an Ivy Bee.

Ivy Bee  -  Colletes hederae

I still have a lot to learn about insects!

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